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We recently talked with MercyMe, our latest Spotlight Music Program partner. We’re selling an exclusive version of the band’s LIFER album beginning March 31 which includes three bonus tracks.

In early March, the band came to our  home office where they did a Facebook Live performance of one of those exclusive tracks, “Even If” in our very own Décor Warehouse.

Here’s what Bart Millard, lead vocalist for the band, had to say about their recent album and Cracker Barrel.

Q: What’s your favorite meal at Cracker Barrel?
A: Chicken and dumplings, green beans and mashed potatoes.

Q:  How many Cracker Barrels do you think you have been to?
A: All of them?!

Q: What career or profession would you have pursued if not doing what you’re doing today?
A: Cartoonist

Q: Why did you decide to partner with Cracker Barrel?
A: Of all the things I’ve done in my career, my kids think our album being in Cracker Barrel means we’ve reached the top. No lie.

Q: Why did you offer the deluxe album to Cracker Barrel?
A: We wanted Cracker Barrel to be set apart from just another place to buy our album. It’s a unique opportunity, so we wanted to make a unique project.

Q: How do you think Cracker Barrel guests will enjoy the three bonus tracks?
A: Hopefully they’ll love it so much, they’ll join together to create the “feed Bart and his family for life at Cracker Barrel” fund. Too much?

Q: Can you share anecdotal stories from your childhood or another time to describe former experiences at Cracker Barrel?
A: It may not be a specific story, but I can say Cracker Barrel is literally the only place where my five kids will eat in harmony.

Q: How does Cracker Barrel’s brand resonate with LIFER?
A: LIFER is about how our faith is a part of us … a constant reminder of home. MercyMe has been touring for 23 years and Cracker Barrel has literally been a “constant reminder of home” no matter where the road takes us.


MercyMe’s latest album, LIFER, now available at

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