Kids love Easter (and so do we)

Easter is one of our favorite holidays because it’s all about family, faith, and fun. We think it’s an important day – one that brings to mind favorite memories, observes meaningful traditions, and hopefully starts a few new ones along the way. Easter is a great day for all of us, but it is especially fun for kiddos.

Our Easter Collection is filled with ideas for how to make this holiday special for them, from the cutest kid’s apparel around to tabletop accents that help everyone get in the spirit. Here are some of our favorite items from the collection, and how to incorporate them into your Easter celebration.




Add a bestie to the basket

Every kid’s first act of awesome on Easter morning is to tear into their Easter baskets, and there’s no one better than a snuggly friend to help unwrap their candy and other toys. Cracker Barrel has everything you need for a memorable basket of goodies, including the retro candies you’ve always loved, inspirational books, and the softest plush toys around.


Cute outfits defeat the Easter-picture-eye-squint

We’ve all been forced to endure the terrors of the Easter morning family photo, where we bravely face the brightest sun imaginable in our Sunday best, all while Mom and Dad offer modelling instructions as we smile like we mean it. A surefire way to win at the squint? Adorable apparel and accessories from our Easter Collection.


Decorations bring it all together

The traditions of Easter help define the holiday and make it special for our little ones. Kids love helping to decorate, and their faces light up when special accents show up around the house. Let them participate in getting ready for the occasion by setting out some charming salt and pepper shakers, or arranging the decorative ceramic eggs in the perfect spot. They’ll love being involved, and it makes for a great opportunity to discuss why the day is so special.

The Easter Collection



Large Cozy Plush Bunny

Ceramic Easter Eggs – Set of 6

Pastel Hair Bows Set

Easter Pot Holder

White Crinkle Dress

Flower Bubble Romper

Baby’s First Bible

Rabbit Statue

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  1. In our local cracker barrel store, which is in madisonville Ky. During the Easter / spring deco was a large moss green bunny. I would love to see and possibly acquire one.


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