Vintage Ivory

If you’re looking to brighten up and refresh a room or wardrobe, you needn’t look any further than bright whites and soothing neutrals! No matter the shade, neutral colors create a clean and classic look that stands out when paired with other colors, or on their own.  We have some tips on how to embrace lighter shades that are sure to brighten your day!


A wonderful way to decorate your space is by creating a gallery wall. Gallery walls are one of the latest trends in home décor that we just adore! The perfect way to display an eclectic collection of finds, this technique works well in any space and provides a fun look that can fit anyone’s style and budget.

Here are some tips that will help get you started:

  • Choose a prominent wall in your home that you would like to decorate.
  • Find at least five pieces (pictures, empty ornate frames, art, mirrors, etc.) that fit your unique style, as random or uniform as you like.
  • Place the pieces on the floor and arrange them, separated by at least one inch, until you find the perfect layout.
  • For perfect spacing, measure out the distances on the floor and mark them on your wall with a pencil.
  • Grab a friend or loved one and have them help with hanging these pieces on the wall.
  • Step back and admire your work!



We know it’s not Memorial Day yet, but the dated rules of when and when not to wear light colors are a thing of the past. Once warm weather hits, it’s time to soak up some sunshine and look fabulous in lighter shades like cream, eggshell and ivory. Enjoy style and comfort with a breezy, light look that can be worn anywhere! Just be careful if you join us for lunch in your bright whites – unfortunately, we don’t carry the perfect neutral bib to pair with stray ketchup…


This is the time of year when many choose to clean, declutter and organize in order to help relieve stress and hit refresh. Getting rid of clothes you no longer wear and organizing your schedule for the coming months are small steps that will help in a big way to organize your life.

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