A Chance Meeting that Changed a Life

Cracker Barrel’s mission is two simple words, “Pleasing People.” This demonstrates the strong commitment we have for our guests, but the connection doesn’t end there. As Anderson, Indiana Police Lieutenant John Branson and Vietnam veteran and pastor Edgar Roberts show in their inspiring story, there is also a powerful link between Cracker Barrel customers.

Branson was traveling when he stopped for a bite to eat at the Valdosta, Georgia Cracker Barrel. Once inside, he spotted Roberts in a Marine veteran hat and struck up a conversation with him. Branson’s son was entering the military, so he wanted to thank Roberts for his service. They hit it off, and during the course of their conversation, Roberts shared that he had lost both kidneys to cancer and had been on dialysis for five years. Branson offered to get tested and soon discovered he was a perfect match.

CBS This Morning covered this amazing story of friendship, sacrifice and the connection we all share. Watch the video below, and let us know what it means to you in the comments.

Cracker Barrel Lifestyle

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