Get Into The Groove With Vinyl

What was your first album, ever? Mine was Fleetwood Mac – Rumours.

I think back to the moment I got the album, took it for its first spin, listened to every track, admired the cover and displayed it proudly for all to see. I played the entire album over and over again on the record/8-track player my mom had purchased at a yard sale, and began realizing my love for music.



Over the years, the way I experienced music changed, but there was still something special about that feeling of holding a physical album and placing the needle in the grooves. The desire to get back to that feeling, for many, has led to a resurgence of vinyl and record players among those who grew up with them and also those who are experiencing them for the first time.


Crosley ® Cruiser Portable Record Players


Many prefer the sound of records over CDs and digital files due to a richer, warmer sound. The hiss and crackle of a record on a record player adds texture to the unique listening experience that you can’t help but love. A feeling of nostalgia takes over as you’re transported to a different time the moment you play artists like Chuck Berry and The Beatles, and newer artists like Lady Antebellum and Chris Stapleton.

Good music doesn’t have an expiration date.

– Anonymous

If you haven’t experienced music through a record player, or it’s been years, it’s time to build a record collection or dust off that vinyl that’s been sitting in a box. Pick a comfortable spot, take an album for a spin, listen to every track and enjoy!


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If you’re looking for vinyl to add to a collection, or just starting one, you can find great albums and record players online at They also make great gifts for the music lovers in your life!





Susan Kohari

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  1. Im trying to find Christian cds and was told I can pnly order from you on-line.
    So WHERE are your cds??

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