Go West, my friend…to Tualatin

A few days ago, I was on my way to Oregon for the first time to experience the Oregon Jamboree Music Festival, sponsored by Cracker Barrel Old Country Store! I’ll tell you all about that next time, but today, I’m excited to tell you about this Cracker Barrel outpost!

I decided that while I was in the Portland area for the Jamboree, I’d visit one of our new Cracker Barrel stores, just a few miles south of Portland, in Tualatin. While I was there, I had the pleasure of meeting the store’s Retail Managers, Adam and Timi. Timi showed me around and gave me the scoop on what’s been going on in our first store in Oregon.

Here’s a picture of Timi from the final day of Oregon Jamboree Music Festival!

Timi couldn’t wait to tell me how excited Oregonians are to show their school spirit. After traveling around Oregon, it was clear that the Oregon Ducks and Oregon State Beavers fans take great pride in their schools. Luckily, Cracker Barrel stores have a great selection of college gear, and even more online!


I asked Timi which items are popular at this location and she immediately grabbed a shirt from our Horse collection. She explained that guests are thrilled to see such fashionable clothing, but at a much lower price than what they’re used to spending at many retailers. As someone who loves a good deal, I couldn’t agree more!


While I was taking the picture of this shirt, a woman walked by and asked me what I was doing. When I told her that I work for Cracker Barrel, she exclaimed, “I need to talk to you!”  She said that she and her family made a lengthy detour, on their almost six hour trip to the beach from Kennewick, WA, to stop by Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. She then excitedly asked me when we plan to open a store in Washington.

I thanked the woman for making the detour and informed her that, although I’m unsure of our plans for Washington, she can easily order almost all of the items she sees in our retail store, and much more, online at shop.crackerbarrel.com anytime she wants! She was delighted to find out that she can have Cracker Barrel delivered right to her home whenever she likes, or until her next trip.

When I asked Timi what other items are popular in the store, she said that Cracker Barrel Old Country Store branded food is extremely popular. Guests can’t get enough of our Pancake Mix, Coffee, Crackers, Syrup, Fried Apples, Peach Cobbler Filling, and more, or they can skip the drive and have everything they need for a Cracker Barrel breakfast delivered to their door!


I couldn’t help but stop by the Halloween and Christmas displays to press all of the buttons on the fun décor that plays music, makes noises and lights up (yes, I’m that person).

Once I was done causing a ruckus, Timi told me that these two themes are doing very well since there aren’t many stores in the area that provide such a great selection of quality holiday décor options. I guess that’s why they find it difficult to keep some of it in stock at times, due to the high demand, but thankfully many of these items can also be found online at shop.crackerbarrel.com!



I had a wonderful time getting to know more about our friends in Oregon and the surrounding area. Stay tuned for the next post about my trip to Oregon that includes a tour of the Youth Music Project and weekend at the Oregon Jamboree!

Susan Kohari

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