Festive Christmas Fashion

Once upon a time, there was a young woman who had been searching for just the right outfit to wear. The Christmas season was approaching, and waiting until the last minute was something she shouldn’t dare.

It dawned on her to search online for her favorite – Cracker Barrel. She knew from experience that their style and value rarely ever fail.

First there was Traditional, then Woodland, then Whimsical and Elegant. It was difficult for her to choose since they were all so relevant.

She decided to first try a top and accessories from the Woodland collection. The Burgundy Cloche Hat, Sherpa Infinity Scarf and Diamond Lace Insert Tunic were added to her cart, without objection.


It appeared that she had found her Christmas attire, but remembered she had seen another top in Elegant she also desired.

She checked her online cart and was delighted by the great deals. “Actually, there will be several holiday events…” she said with zeal.

The Lace Detail Tunic, Gray Sparkle Scarf and Silver X Bracelet are what she selected. This Elegant ensemble was even better than she had expected.


Wanting to be sure she didn’t leave anything out, she checked to see what the Traditional collection is all about.

To her delight, she had not passed this collection up. She chose a Chevron Cabbie Hat, charming jewelry, Crochet Trim Tunic and even a Winter Cardinal Cup.


Now that she had shopped all of the Christmas collections but one, she went ahead and clicked on Whimsical, just for some fun.

She was immediately inspired by this cheerful collection. A snowflake top, fun accessories and a North Pole Sign Tree Topper were added to her selections.


Now it was time for what many often dread. Thoughts of several dollar signs, prancing through their heads. How many things would she have to delete from her cart? It was difficult for her to think of where to even start.

After looking at the total for all that she had bought, she had to do a double-take because it was much less than she had thought. As she looked over her order, she began to smile – realizing she doesn’t have to spend a fortune to have great style.

You can find all of this and much more, at shop.crackerbarrel.com, Cracker Barrel’s online store!


Susan Kohari

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