Baby Shower Gift Guide

An invitation to a Baby Shower is a welcomed excuse for me to shop for adorable gifts that I know will surprise and delight. If you don’t believe me, take a look at my friend’s face below when I gave her a pair of adorable boots for her bundle of joy.

Pink Boots

Sure, I could follow my friends’ baby shower gift registries, but what’s the fun in that? I’m only kind of joking, but they typically only look at one or two stores, plus I give some excellent baby gifts that I can usually find at a much better price.

Buffalo Plaid 1

Where do I find most of my baby shower gifts? (By the way, did you check out the picture of another satisfied friend in the picture above?) That’s right – Cracker Barrel Old Country Store!

In all honesty, I find that many stores are overpriced when it comes to these types of gifts. So much of the clothing out there for children costs more than what I spend on  myself and they’ll only wear the clothes a few times before growing out of them. Yeah, sometimes I grow out of my clothes after a few wears, but at least I can hold on to them in hopes that they’ll fit once again…hopefully.

In addition to having an adorable selection of clothing, footwear and accessories, Cracker Barrel also has a great selection of toys, books and more!


I think the reason shopping for baby shower gifts brings me so much joy is because it’s a combination of wishing I could wear what I’m gifting and also just wanting to play with the toys.

Minnie 2

If you have any baby showers coming up, or want to shop for your little one, visit Cracker Barrel’s Baby By The Barrel ™ collection at!

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