Happy Bird Day to You

Bird’s the word this Friday, January 5 as we celebrate National Bird Day! Our fine feathered friends are the focus of this day and they’re definitely worth chirping about.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store loves all animals, but birds fly to the top of the list on January 5. In celebration of birds, I’m going to share some fun facts and decor ideas for some of my favorites!

A Beautiful Bevy


Did you know that the males are Peacocks, while the females are called Peahens and babies are Peachicks? And the entire family is called a Bevy?

When decorating your home, peacock decor creates a space that is full of bright colors and style that’s on-trend. Mix and match gorgeous peacock colors, like blue, purple, gold and green, with just about anything and your decor will be sophisticated and fun!

Rule the Roost


Did you know that roosters are very social and like to congregate with other chickens in a flock?

The bold black, red and white colors of a rooster stand out when displayed against solid backgrounds for a dramatic touch that deserves attention. Find a space that can use a pop of color and spruce it up with some rooster style!

Stylish Swans


Did you know that swans are very intelligent and can remember who has been nice (and not so nice) to them?

The swan has an elegance that also brightens a room for a classic look that goes well with ivory and also light shades of pink, blue and green. Decorate a space with a swan as the focal point and surround with pastel colors for a look you’re sure to love.


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Susan Kohari

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    1. Hi Tetesa!

      We have a bunch of items in our Peacock collection that would make perfect Mother’s Day gifts! You can visit the link below or go to our Shop site at shop.crackerbarrel.com, go to Collections, and select Peacock. Also, we have a great sale going on right now that’s 25% off most apparel and jewelry, just for mom!


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