All Signs Point to Laundry

Although laundry can sometimes be a chore, it’s also highly rewarding. The moments when you put on a softly scented sweater, enjoy freshly cleaned sheets, or embrace a pile of warm towels from the dryer are some of the best!

These fresh, clean, soft and warm laundry moments are captured in Cracker Barrel Old Country Store’s Laundry collection.

There are a bunch of great items in this collection, but I want to focus on the sensational signs featured in Laundry. Here are some of my favorites!

Wash and Dry Metal SignI love this “Wash & Dry” Embossed Metal Sign because it has a clean, yet rustic look that’s on-trend and will look great with almost any style.


Fitted Sheets Block Sign


Our “Life’s Too Short to Fold Fitted Sheets” Block Sign is SO TRUE and one of my favorites because as soon as my mom saw it, she just had to have it. This sign now hangs in her laundry room and it makes me laugh every time I see it!




I can’t help but feel nostalgic when I see these adorable Framed Laundry Signs! These signs are a fun way to decorate a space, whether you want just one of them or decide to make them a pair. Now if I could only do that with my socks!


Decorative Washboard Wall Decor


I’m reminded of my grandparents when I see the Decorative Washboard Wall Decor. It brings a smile to my face as I fondly recall going down to Pappy and Grammy’s basement to play with their washboard, just across from their many stacks of canned goods (which were also fun to play with).



Laundry Room Wall Decor


Our unique “Laundry Room” Door Wall Decor is attractive and fun! I like this one a lot because the gorgeous blue color stands out without being in-your-face and is perfect for this door decor.




Laundry Cheat Sheet


I like a good picture with a purpose and this “Laundry Guide Cheat Sheet” Wall Decor not only looks great, but also has some helpful tips for laundry time!




Hanging Tshirt Sign


When I see our Hanging T-Shirt Chalkboard decor, I imagine all of the fun things I can write on it! Things like, “How’s It Hangin’?” or “You Gotta Know When To Fold Them!” would look mighty fine on this chalkboard.



Wash Dry Fold Repeat



I adore the vintage look of this “Wash Dry Fold Repeat” Hanging Sign.┬áThe burlap draped across the wood background, the wear of the safety pins, and even the jute string hanger make this one a favorite!



Clothes Pins


Last, but not least, our “Clothespins” Sign brings me so much joy because it makes me think of the days when I would help my mom hang our sheets on the line outside on warm summer days. It also makes me think about how she probably helped her mom do the same.


Many of these signs are Cracker Barrel Exclusives and all of them look fabulous together. Here’s an example of a gallery wall with all of the signs featured in this post. Now, that is one fresh gallery wall!


You can find these signs, and much more, online at!


Susan Kohari

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