Easter is Hopping at Cracker Barrel

Easter always brings back wonderful memories of when I was a kid. The holiday, for me, meant coloring eggs, wearing a new adorable outfit to church, baking bunny bread, eating (too much) candy and spending time with family. I’ll admit, all of those are still true for me today, but these moments were extra-special when I was a kid.

To this day, I still remember some of my favorite Easter outfits and I feel like the clothes I see nowadays are even cuter! The colors and styles give these clothes a classic look that’s adorable on little ones.


I would have LOVED to have worn these dresses when I was a child. Come to think of it, I’d love to wear dresses like this today! Oh, and those gold bunny flats are absolutely gorgeous. I wonder if I can find those in my size…



It’s not just little girls who can enjoy charming clothing and accessory options. Boys have some very attractive attire and accessories to choose from as well.



Easter time calls for some great tails – I mean, tales! Stories like Peter Rabbit, Peter Cottontail, The Velveteen Rabbit and more are books you and your little one will both adore!Easter Books

Snuggly plush bunnies and animated toys are excellent gifts for good girls and boys!



Last, but not least, is the yummy candy to fill everyone’s Easter baskets. Treats like a giant gummy bunny, jelly beans and fun lollipops are always great basket picks for kids (and adults)!


Hop on over to shop.crackerbarrel.com for fantastic Easter finds!

Susan Kohari

6 thoughts on “Easter is Hopping at Cracker Barrel

  1. I’m trying to find a small stuffed Peter Rabbit. The store here, had run out, & I haven’t been able to find 1. Also trying to find a radio, that plays records, cds. It looks like an old radio, but is smaller.

  2. How can I order the pink bunny? My daughter has one and loves it!!! I need more!!!

  3. Sometime between 2003 and 2008 you sold an Easter Bunny with moving ears that sang ‘Here Comes Peter Cottontail’. Can you tell me where I can get another one? Mine was lost in the flood of 2008.

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