8 Must-Have Items from Cracker Barrel

Since coming to work for Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, I have heard tons of people say things like, “I had no idea you could find something like this at Cracker Barrel!” I get it, people sometimes think we’re just a great restaurant with a gift shop, but Cracker Barrel is so much more!

Here are the top 8 retail items, from current collections, you can find at Cracker Barrel and online at shop.crackerbarrel.com that you will want to get before they’re gone!

1. Macrame Hanging Wall Decor

This wall hanging can be found in our Bohemian Collection and adds a vintage touch to any style for just $19.99!


2. Fashionable Scarves

No matter how you wear them, our scarves will take your look to the next level.


3. Starburst Wall ClockStarburst

This Starburst Wall Clock is a hot item at the moment. At such a great price of $29.99, you won’t want to run out of time to get this clock before it’s sold out!

4. Adorable Travel Mugs

Enjoy your favorite beverages on-the-go with convenient and fun travel mugs, all under $10!

5. Jadeite TablewareJadeite

You can find a gorgeous selection of Jadeite Tableware, and more groovy finds, in our Retro Collection!

6. Trendy Bags


Find theĀ bag that fits your style with fashionable pouches, clutches, tote bags, purses and more.

7. Mermaid Tail ThrowMermaid

You’ll feel “MerMaizing” when you curl up in our Mermaid Tail Throw from our Coastal Collection!

8. Sequin Sun Hat

Enjoy the great outdoors in style, and protect your face from the sun, with a Sequin Sun Hat.

You can find all of these wonderful items, at fantastic prices, on shop.crackerbarrel.com!

Susan Kohari

4 thoughts on “8 Must-Have Items from Cracker Barrel

  1. I had breakfast there the other morning which, of course, was fabulous!Then I went to look at all the corgeous thing in your retail space. There were so many beautiful things. And yes, I bought some things! I was thinking that would be a wonderful place to work, and low and behold you are hiring?! Open it is still available when I get by there! Or, you can email me for an appointment at rebbrunner@gmail.com! Great!

  2. who can I contact about selling a book with George Wahington litho on the front. 1901

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