Oh Gussie! Look at Paw Paw’s Pottery!

I think we can all agree that Kimberly Schlapman is America’s sweetheart! As I’m sure you already know, Kimberly is a talented performer. Ever heard of Little Big Town? Of course you have! She doesn’t stop there, though.

Kimberly has a great sense of style and a love of cooking, which led her to create fantastic kitchen lines, like her signature collection Oh Gussie! for Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. You already knew that, too?


Well, did you know that her daddy, Paw Paw, picked up pottery at the age of 68 and has been creating gorgeous pieces that are the inspiration behind the Oh Gussie! Paw Paw Pottery Collection for Cracker Barrel?


Pretty cool, huh? That is one talented family and we’re so thankful to have them both as part of the Cracker Barrel family!


Here’s a picture of Paw Paw at work on some of the unique pieces that inspired this collection.


These lovely stoneware plates, platters, salt & pepper shakers, and more are durable enough to use all the time, while the earthy colors and artsy charm make them perfect to display for all to see!


Visit shop.crackerbarrel.com for the full Oh Gussie! Collection of tableware, Kimberly’s Oh Gussie! cookbook, and more! Also, be sure to look for more to come from Kimberly and Paw Paw at Cracker Barrel!





Susan Kohari

13 thoughts on “Oh Gussie! Look at Paw Paw’s Pottery!

  1. Why does my Oh Gussie Paw Paw pottery mug have made in China stamped on the bottom? This stamp does not fit the advertising.

  2. Just got my large mail order of Oh Gussie stoneware dishes and I love them! I ordered multiples of almost every piece available, but what’s missing is some large serving bowls to match the dishes, platter and mugs! Please consider adding some to this line…..these dishes are really lovely and perfect for casual dining! Thank you.

  3. Mine cam with a crack in it…..on the handle…I LOVE this mug, but it will crack the whole way one day soon, I was hoping to get a replacement since you can see the flaw or crack was during the kiln process. Please send a replacement

  4. Where do we order? I picked up the last mug @ Crackerbarrell! I love it! Great quality! Same mug his daughter is holding! It says on tag Paw Paw pottery, Back of tag says made in China!!

  5. I purchased two of the over sized mugs and they are beautiful and well made pieces of pottery. Perhaps Paw Paw designed them, color and style and could not keep up with demand. It could be then, like so many of the things we purchase today, had to be outsourced to be produced in China. Have you ever made pottery and found out how long it takes to just finish one piece?? There are many Cracker Barrels that need lots of inventory. Whatever the reason, cracker Barrel is a great store and has fine products.
    I sure do like my two mugs!!!

  6. MADE IN CHINA on bottom of my mug. Did they fly PawPaw there to make it? I think you made up the whole PawPaw story.

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