From Our Gnome to Yours

Spring has sprung and that means flowers will be blooming, the sun will be shining and gnomes will be decorating. Gnomes won’t literally be decorating, since they’re not known for their interior design skills, but they will be bringing fun and whimsy with them wherever they go!

Gnomes are pretty popular, so I decided to do some research on sites that seem¬†to know what they’re talking about when it comes to garden gnomes. I’m going to share with you some of what I’ve dug up.

Gnomes are said to bring good luck.

Ooooh…that alone makes me want to put them everywhere!


In addition to bringing joy, gnomes were believed to provide protection of underground treasures.

I don’t know that many of us bury our treasures these days, but maybe we should!


Legend had it that underground gnomes come alive at night to work in the garden.

Now, that would be a big help!


It was said that if a gnome came up from the ground and was caught in the sunlight, it would turn to stone. 

That one must be true since gnomes are now part of Cracker Barrel’s stoneware collection. Get it?!


I guess what I’ve learned through all of my research is that gnomes are not only adorable, they’re also great to have around the house!

You can find gorgeous gnome, mushroom and garden items in Cracker Barrel Old Country Store’s Garden Collection at



Susan Kohari

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