4 Tips for Storing Vinyl Records

One of the many reasons why people love vinyl records so much is because records provide an intimate way to engage with the music you’re playing. The act of putting the needle on the record and flipping it from one side to the other creates an engaging experience with the music!

Whether filled with records that have been passed down, recently purchased, enjoyed over the years, or all of the above, every record collection is unique and has a story to tell.

It’s important to properly store and protect your collection while displaying it for all to see. Here are some tips on how to keep your vinyl like new!

Brooklyn Record Player Stand

Tip #1: Keep records in a place that is cool and dry.

Make sure you store your vinyl in a space that is room temperature and low-humidity to ensure you will have your records for years to come.

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Tip #2: Store records vertically.

Stacking records horizontally can cause them to warp, effecting the quality of the music. Be sure to stack vinyl vertically to avoid warping and also provide an easier way to sort through and pick out your favorites.

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Tip #3: Keep vinyl in the sleeve when not in use.

Protect vinyl from dust, dirt and more by keeping it in the record sleeve when not spinning on your turntable.

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Tip #4: Clean records before putting them away.

A record cleaning kit has solution and a brush that will quickly and easily clean records in order to keep them playing like new.

Cleaning Kit

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