Gift Ideas for Administrative Professionals Day

On Wednesday, April 25, we will be celebrating Administrative Professionals Day! A day for those who schedule our meetings, keep everything organized and, most of all, keep us sane. Administrative Professionals Day is an opportunity to let admins know how much they are appreciated for all of the hard work they do to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Here are some gift ideas, from Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, that will make your Administrative Professional’s day!

If they can’t make it to the beach, bring the beach to them

These folks could definitely use a vacation, but if they can’t make it to the beach all the time, why not bring the beach to them? Here are some fantastic finds from our Coastal Collection that will add easy-breezy seaside charm to their work-space!


Here we have an adorable picture frame to display a favorite picture, a gorgeous paperweight to decorate while keeping papers in place, and an inspirational book to have for when they need a break.

For the one who navigates the day

Since many people would be lost without Administrative Professionals, it only seems fitting that we choose some items from Cracker Barrel’s Nautical Collection. These gifts are great for the one who navigates and keeps the day on course.


Here we have a charming box sign for the assistant who keeps the “boat” afloat, an anchor planner for the one who keeps everything in place, and a clever mug for the person who requires a little caffeine to make it all possible.

When they deserve a spa day, every day

Many of us can’t make it to the spa every day, or even every month. For the Administrative Assistant who needs refreshing relaxation, but can’t make it to the spa, an essential oil diffuser is the perfect solution!


Here we have a diffuser and some essential oils that can be used separately or together. Each oil has its own benefits and can be combined with others to alleviate ailments and stress, making the diffuser and oils great gifts!

Treat them to tasty treats

It’s always nice to have some snacks at your desk to enjoy throughout the day and gift boxes filled with treats are a sweet way to thank someone.


Here we have a Premium Nut Box and a Hershey’s Happy Chocolate Snack Variety Box with plenty of great options to keep them snackified!


You can find all of these great gift, and much more, online at!

Susan Kohari

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