5 Hot Trends That Will Make Your Summer Style Even Cooler

Pack up your coats and sweaters, because summertime is almost here! Actually, maybe keep them around for a little while, just in case.

Here are 5 summery styles that will make this summer extra cool!

1. Brilliant Bags

This summer is all about color! Bright, fun purses and handbags add a gorgeous burst of color to any outfit, all while helping you organize everyday items.

2. Festive Flamingos


You’ll be ready for some summer fun when you add the whimsical charm of flattering flamingos to an outfit!

3. Sensational Summer Scarves

A lightweight scarf is a great way to add color and depth to an outfit this summer! Throw on a scarf over a solid top and watch as it transforms an ordinary outfit to an exciting ensemble.

4. The Bees Knees


Bees are creating quite a buzz and are an adorable addition to summer styles!

5. Mesmerizing Mermaids

Mermaids sure are making waves right now! Bring mermaid flair to your look and sea how great it can be.

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Susan Kohari

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