Cracker Barrel Kids

It’s fun to think back to the days of being a kid. Playing outside and enjoying hot summer days until the sun went down, making new friends, being able to eat treats without having to worry about the calories, having fun doing just about anything, wearing adorable clothes that adults wish they had in their size, and so much more!

I wanted to help remind us all of what these times meant to us, and bring some joy and nostalgia to your life in the process.


Think back to that old friend you used to hang out with. You’ll only remember the good times with those childhood friends and that’s what makes the memories so sweet.

Short Romper – $16.99


Blanket Tote

Oh, the days of being a reigning princess whenever you’re in the mood. Wouldn’t it be nice to dress up and have your own popup picnic whenever you like? Those were the days!

Blanket Tote – $25.49 (on sale)


Cutting Board and Bowls

When it comes to counting, calories are not something that kids are worried about. Every so often, remember to treat yourself to some of your favorite things, just like you used to!

Stoneware Measuring Cups – Set of 4 – $12.99

Seaside 3-Piece Flour Sack Towel Set – $12.99


Remote Control Train

Remember that favorite toy? It seemed like you’d never stop playing with it and always kept it within reach. Never forget to have fun and play a little. Life is too short.

Number Express Shape Sorter Remote Control Train – $34.99


Flag Sign

Think back to when your blanket possessed magical powers and could be used as a cape. Never lose the hope that you could be a superhero one day, if you wanted to.

“America, My Home Sweet Home” Pine Pallet Wall Decor – $25.19 (on sale)


Olive Basket

Sometimes joy comes from just sitting and relaxing with your favorite treat. Take time to  enjoy the little things before they’re gone.

Metal Buckets – Set of 2 – $49.99


Popsickle Rompers

Spending time with a sister can be one of the great joys in life. Sisters are always there for you, even for popsicles.

Popsicle Romper – $19.99


Short Romper

Do you ever remember when you were little and you didn’t want to be held? Enjoy time in your mother’s arms and hold your loved ones close whenever you can.

Short Romper – $16.99


Visit and find fun items for kids and a bunch of nostalgic finds that will bring back great memories!

Susan Kohari

3 thoughts on “Cracker Barrel Kids

  1. I am searching for unicorn costume I found in Kerrville crackerbarrel. I need size 7/8 and 18 month These are little girls Halloween . PLEASE let me know I will be most thankful and happy to purchase in line.
    Thank you
    Sherry Hartman

  2. I am searching for a size 2 holiday dress for my granddaughter. You had a lovely Black and white , with a flocked skirt with gold sequins. I can’ find it in a size 2 in any Crackerbarrel on the South west coast of Florida. Any ideas?

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