5 Ways to Treat Yourself to Some Relaxation

When was the last time you relaxed? No, I mean really relaxed. I’m talking about intentionally taking time to escape what’s stressing you and focus on yourself.

You deserve to treat yourself to some relaxation!

Here are five easy ways you can enjoy some relaxation any time you like.

Listen to Music

Crosley Cruiser

Sit back and let your favorite music fill your ears and mind with sweet sounds as your stresses roll away.

Read a Book

Coastal and Pineapples and Palms

Escape your to-do lists and calendar, even if just for a few moments, with a good book.

Take a Bath

Personal Care

Enjoy the fizzle of a bath bomb, the calm of a face mask, and the sweet aroma of moisturizing lotion for the ultimate relaxing bath combination.

Have a Picnic

Picnic Basket on Beach

Pack a picnic basket with delicious foods, grab a blanket, choose a location, and you’re set for the perfect picnic.

Run a Diffuser

Diffuser and Oils

Transform a space into a spa with a diffuser filled with essential oils for a wonderful aroma and instant relaxation.


Now all you need to do is choose which of these you want to do (if not all) and relax because you deserve it!






Susan Kohari

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