Freshen Up Your Home With Farmhouse Style

The fresh look and shabby-chic style of Farmhouse decor has been on-trend for quite some time and it doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon! There’s something special about the clean looks and rustic flair that fit in well with so many decor styles and takes you back to simpler times.

Here are some wonderful ways you can bring Farmhouse style to your home to update any space.


I am all about finding new and creative ways to store things. (C’mon, we all have that one chair that collects everything.) A decorative ladder is a great way to store scarves, purses, hats, blankets and more while bringing some Farmhouse charm to a room.


632532-0Nothing says Farmhouse like a Farmhouse sign, right? A sign like this is the best of both worlds! The clean, yet antique, look of the sign brightens up a room while looking like it’s been enjoyed for decades.


635423-0Square baskets really stand out on a wall and I just can’t get enough of them! Baskets like these were once used for tobacco, but I think they’re much better as decor. You can hang them on a wall, fill them with some of your favorite things, and so much more for gorgeous Farmhouse decor!



A tiered bucket can be used in so many ways and all while giving a counter, table and more a splash of Farmhouse style! You can use one of these lovely pieces to create a gorgeous centerpiece, store your favorite foods, hold important mail – the possibilities are endless!



When I think of a Farmhouse kitchen, I think of clean, light colors. A cookie jar, utensil holder, canisters and more are always out on the counter and are pieces everyone notices. The fresh Farmhouse look of these everyday items really stands out and makes a kitchen more inviting, and we all know everyone enjoys hanging out in the kitchen!


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Susan Kohari

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