Great Gift Ideas for Grads

Graduation season has begun and it’s time to celebrate those who have hit major milestones in their lives.

Graduates of all ages can enjoy gifts that are creative, from the heart, useful, or all of the above! Here are some gift ideas for those who are wanting to give a gift to a grad in 2019.

Gift Cards Make Great Gifts

Obviously, a great gift idea for a graduate is a gift card (possibly to a certain¬†restaurant that has delicious food AND a country store)! If you’re wanting to give them the gift card in a creative way, you can put it in a drink tumbler¬†and fill it with some fun candy.

Inspiration For Any Destination

A thoughtful gift for the recent grad is a journal filled with words of encouragement and inspiration. Find a journal that fits their personality and create a keepsake they will want to carry with them along their journey. Get extra bonus points by throwing in a gift card!

Jewelry That Will Make Them Joyful

Give your grad the gift of meaningful memories they can wear anywhere with a charm bracelet. Choose the bracelet and the individual charms to complete a charming gift.

Help Them Show Off Their School Spirit


Give your grad a gift that represents their school for a wonderful way to congratulate them for their hard work. A blanket, watch, license plate holder and more, with their school’s emblem, will provide them with a gift they can show off with pride.

Get Them Into The Groove With Vinyl

Even though they’re done with school (for now), you can still teach them about vinyl records on a record player and let them enjoy the experience in their dorm room or apartment.


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Susan Kohari

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