Plan the Perfect Picnic in 5 Easy Steps

Picnics are a wonderful way to spend a day while enjoying the outdoors, eating delicious food, playing fun games and spending time with your favorite people. These great gatherings are all about having fun and we have some ideas that will help make life a picnic, in just five easy steps!

Create a Special Spacefoodwall_phase1-e1559140390591.jpgBring items like quilts or blankets, folding chairs or a portable picnic table to create a comfortable space where everyone can relax and enjoy the day. 

Keep It Cool

TableTent2_Phase2Pack a cooler of sodas to sip on throughout the day for fizzy fun and flavor that pair perfectly with picnic foods and snacks while providing refreshment.

Bring the Fun

Fun outdoor games like bean bag toss and horseshoes, and board games like checkers, are a wonderful way to bring friends and family together for some good old-fashioned fun.

Food for All

hangingl_phase2.jpgOrder delicious to-go food, like a Southern Fried Chicken Picnic Box, that’s filled with plenty of tasty fried chicken and sides to satisfy everyone without the hassle of having to cook.


TableTent2_Phase2Relax and enjoy the beautiful weather, delicious food, great company and memorable moments from the perfect picnic.

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3 thoughts on “Plan the Perfect Picnic in 5 Easy Steps

  1. 🌷. Great idea EXCEPT I don’t know of anyone who has tried your FRIED CHICKEN!

    With 4 (!) pieces of fried chicken the smallest amount I could find on the only offer I saw on the regular menu, who is going to spend a lot of money for chicken that will SURELY be compared to a LONG-TIME favorite like KFC by everyone!

    Wouldn”t it make a lot of sense to put a couple of pieces on the week day specials lunch menu (say, Thursday instead of that watery turkey with the “dressing” that I dug thru to find something other cornbread with water apparently poured over it and I was so disappointed, as I love celery, onions, sage in a white bread dressing like most people have for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, that I piled it up away from everything else and disgustedly left it on my plate! Unfortunately, as a senior citizen, I was not left with a good impression, although turkey and trimmings is one of my favorite meals!

    Therefore, can you see my point that it pays to “start small” with something new?

    A thoughtful response would be appreciated from the corporate office of Cracker Barrel where I would think these decisions are made.

    PS. I love the biscuits, and from the standpoint of health concerns as a senior citizen, the “real butter” is also appreciated. One more suggestion: as I don’t believe I have ever tried the roast beef there (although it, too, is TOUTED on the dinner menu, would you consider replacing Monday’s lunch special of chicken and that so-called “corn bread dressing” with a lunch portion of the roast beef with mashed potatoes, gravy, etc.?

    I honestly and truly believe you will find these suggestions to the benefit of Cracker Barrel and your serving staff and CUSTOMERS, especially if these suggestions are implemented here just before the summer season starts – when people are getting out more and trying new things!! 🌷

  2. I LOVE the turkey and dressing! I would love to see it added to the regular menu and not just a Thursday special. Thank you Cracker Barrel for having different options for different tastes!

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