Feeling Bored? Create Your Own Peg Game Board!

Stay at home orders have caused families to think outside the box for ways to keep busy and entertain the kids. That’s why we’ve come up with an easy DIY for the whole family to enjoy while sheltering in place. And, if you’ve ever visited a Cracker Barrel, we are pretty sure you have noticed the peg games on our dining room tables. Mastering the peg game can keep your little ones occupied for hours on end – helping to make the most of all that extra family time!

We have recreated our favorite table game experience to bring a little bit of our home into yours during these uncertain times. It’s fun for every age and something the whole family can do together. Here’s how to get started:

    • Download and print your completely customized, printable 3D game which can be found HERE
    • Color and decorate!
    • Poke 15 holes using a pen or dull pencil
    • Cut on the dotted lines and fold on the solid ones
    • Glue or tape down marked tabs
    • Cut seven cotton swabs in half and ta-da! You’ve got yourself your very own DIY peg game


Not a fan of DIYs? Click here to get your very own peg game or download our Cracker Barrel Games app for some virtual fun.

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One thought on “Feeling Bored? Create Your Own Peg Game Board!

  1. What a positively fun idea! I want to bring this idea to school so the kids who come to Extended Care can make one of these for themselves. They love Do-it-yourself games! Thank you to whoever thought of this!!!

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