10 Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother’s Day

On Sunday, May 9, we take a moment to celebrate all the amazing moms in our lives. Sisters, wives, grandmothers, godmothers, stepmothers, and mothers-in-law, this is their day, and they deserve a break.

You want to show them how much they mean to you, but sometimes discovering how to do that can be challenging. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a few ideas that can help you get your wheels turning to find a perfect way to tell them how much you appreciate everything they do. 

Give Her a Well Deserved Break  

Make this the one day she doesn’t have to cook! Our family meal baskets are the perfect way to let you be in charge of mealtime on Mother’s Day. Start her day off with a surprise breakfast with our All-Day Pancake Breakfast Family Meal Basket, or take control of dinner with our Sunday Homestyle Chicken Family Meal Basket. Plus, as a special bonus, we’ll throw in a $10 bonus card that she can use on herself. A meal and a present! Extra biscuits for you!         

Compliment Her Style

Chances are with packing lunches, running kids to school, extracurricular activities, and just trying to cram as much as possible into an eight-hour day, it’s tough for mom ever to have time to treat herself.

Here’s your chance! Get her an incredible, comfortable pair of slippers, a new handbag or wallet, or a colorful top to compliment her amazing sense of style. Maybe a cardigan or kimono or stylish hat for her to have handy when the sun goes down? Shopping for clothes doesn’t have to be tough.


If trying to guess sizes and styles is too much for you to worry about, then get smaller, shinier, and sophisticated! Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, and rings are a great way to put a little sparkle into her wardrobe and give her something that’s both beautiful and thoughtful on Mother’s Day.

Dazzle with Décor

We’ve all been home-bound for the last year, and chances are, she’s probably tired of seeing the same old stuff in the house. You can give that space a mini makeover with something new that’s unique and different. Replace that old artwork, grab a new planter or vase, decorate the hallways with some colorful accents, a sparkling new snow globe, or a wall clock. When company comes to visit, she’ll have a new conversation piece, courtesy of you!  

Bring on the Nostalgia

Take her for a trip down memory lane with something that ignites those feelings of the good ole days. A vinyl record from her favorite band or an old-fashioned phone or radio, then complete it with a few thin sticks or her favorite candy for an extra sweet touch. It’s a blast from the past gift that’s both unexpected and super fun.

Rock It Out

The kids are playing out in the front as the sun starts going down. A lovely cool breeze whistles through the air as she sways back and forth, reading her favorite book…

Sounds nice, right?  We are especially proud of our rocking chairs. They’re handcrafted in the US, are available in a variety of styles and sizes, and OK…we’re going to say it…these things rock! You’ll be a rock star, too, for giving her porch this very comfortable upgrade on Mother’s Day. 

Write It Down

Sometimes just putting words down on paper after a long, trying day can be therapeutic for mom. Journaling is proven to promote mental health and well-being, so a gift that prompts this rewarding new habit could be an excellent choice. Choose from various journal styles to fit anyone’s creative tastes, from dog lovers to unicorns to even devotionals for that added dose of inspiration and encouragement.

Soothing Scents

The aroma of a cool ocean breeze or calming lavender makes a perfect gift to help her unwind after a long, stressful day. If she can’t get to the spa, then bring it to her this Mother’s Day with a refreshing bath bomb, goat’s milk lotion, or scented candle in a comfortable DIY basket of relaxation. 

Get Cozy

If Mom’s perfect day is catching up on all the latest Netflix shows with no interruptions, then a nice cuddly throw blanket with her beverage of choice may sound like the ideal way to give her a break she deserves. Your next job – keep the kids away!

Have a Family Game Day  

If mom is all about creating memories, then a fun game day (or night) with the family may be a perfect gift. Hold the first-ever “Jumbo Checkers Tournament of Champions” or test her trivia knowledge on all things pop culture. Carve out space on the table and piece together a 1,000 piece puzzle together. Divide and conquer and remember, it’s all about having fun! 

Mix It Up

Now it’s time to be creative! Create your gift basket for mom with a little bit of everything she likes or try a themed approach. For example, if she loves cooking, create a basket with a cast iron griddle, some pancake mix, and real maple syrup.

Get her favorite lotion or hand soap, throw in a tea towel and a colorful tumbler for her coffee in the morning and you’ve got a charming gift basket that is both stylish and practical.

The possibilities are endless. Just have fun with it!

Whether that’s surprising her with a meal or just letting her prop her feet up and relax, this Mother’s Day, say thanks to mom with something thoughtful. She’s earned it!  

We’re here to help you make it the best Mother’s Day ever. Thanks, Moms!


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