Celebrate National Fried Chicken Day at Cracker Barrel

It’s time to pay homage to everybody’s favorite comfort food…Fried Chicken! There’s nothing quite as satisfying as sitting down to a perfectly cooked fried chicken meal. Hand-battered and cooked to perfection, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, seasoned with just the right amount of spices. Getting’ hungry yet?

It would seem fitting that there should be a day to pay homage to this savory dish. And guess what, there is! On July 6, we celebrate all things fried chicken. We’ve henpicked a few ideas to help you celebrate National Fried Chicken Day, right here at Cracker Barrel.

What is it about Fried Chicken?

Did you know the first recipe for fried chicken was published in 1747 by English cook Hannah Glasse?
By the early 1900s, fried chicken would become a staple on many tables, especially in the South, as the go-to meal after a Sunday church service. Over the years, it’s evolved, been refined, and reimagined in many different ways, from sweet and savory to Nashville Hot. Fried Chicken has continued to be one of everybody’s favorite meals, impossible to resist.

6 Ways to Celebrate National Fried Chicken Day

Whether you’re taking a lunch break, hosting a summer picnic, or looking for a tasty family dinner idea, here are six ways to help you get your fried chicken fix.

1. Southern Fried Chicken

Southern Fried Chicken Meal Cracker Barrel

Our signature fried chicken is prepared in rich buttermilk batter and fried to a deep golden brown. Pair it with our famous Hashbrown Casserole and some new Bacon Baked Beans, and you’ve got the ultimate summer meal, perfect for celebrating.

2. Sunday Homestyle Chicken

Sunday Homestyle Chicken Meal Cracker Barrel

We take two boneless chicken breasts, hand-dipped in our special buttermilk batter, bread them and deep fry ‘em to a crispy golden brown. Add a side of broccoli and some creamy mashed potatoes, and you’ll be singing some Sunday praise.

3. Hand-Breaded Fried Chicken Tenders

Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders Cracker Barrel

If portability is your jam, try our crispy hand-breaded fried chicken tenders with Dill Pickle Ranch, Honey Mustard, or BBQ sauce for dipping. Add some thick Steak Fries and hot buttered carrots for the ideal combo.

4. Sweet n’ Smoky Glazed Chicken Tenders

Sweet n' Smoky Fried Chicken Tenders Cracker Barrel

What’s better than crispy and juicy fried chicken tenders? Adding bacon to them! We add a savory maple bacon glaze to our fried chicken tenders and serve them with Buttermilk Ranch dipping sauce. Add some Steak Fries and our tangy Cole-Slaw for the ultimate flavor explosion. (Chicken dance is optional)

5. Chicken Fried Chicken

Chicken Fried Chicken Cracker Barrel

We take a generous portion of our Sunday Homestyle Chicken®, then top it off with savory Sawmill Gravy for a true taste of the South you’ll love. Add some mashed potatoes, slow-simmered green beans, and maybe a side of buttery corn, and enjoy!

6. Chicken n’ Biscuits

Chicken and Biscuits Cracker Barrel

Bacon and eggs, coffee and doughnuts, Chicken and Biscuits…some things are just better together. What happens when you take warm buttermilk biscuits and pair them with juicy fried chicken? Your tummy thanks you! In fact, we like this so much that we created a separate brand to help our guests get delicious Chicken n’ Biscuits anytime they want, delivered right to their front door.

More Ways to Celebrate National Fried Chicken Day

At the Office

Sunday Homestyle Chicken Boxed Lunch Cracker Barrel

National Fried Chicken falls on a Wednesday this year, so why not take away those hump day blues with a Cracker Barrel style lunch meeting for your team. Our Sunday Homestyle Chicken Boxed Meals are a great way to enjoy some fried chicken conveniently (and deliciously).

With the Family

Fried Chicken Family Meal Basket

Want an easy dinner plan? Family Meal Baskets are a great way to celebrate National Fried Chicken Day with the family in the comfort of your home. Order online for pickup or delivery so it will be hot and ready to serve. Choose from our Southern Fried Chicken Family Meal Basket or Sunday Homestyle Chicken Family Meal Baskets.

With Your Significant Other

Make it a date night! Order some fried chicken to-go and cuddle up with someone special to watch your favorite “Chick” Flick.

With Friends

Southern Fried Chicken Cracker Barrel Catering

You might even want to wait until the weekend and celebrate with a backyard BBQ with friends and family. Cracker Barrel Catering will make it super easy. Our Complete Meals come with your choice of Southern Fried Chicken or Chicken Fried Chicken, plus your choice of 2 or 3 homestyle sides. Treat the kids to the ultimate finger food with our crispy, Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders Complete Meal. We’ve got options for everybody, so you won’t ruffle any feathers.

On Your Own

Come on, you deserve a break. And a plate of juicy fried chicken is the perfect way to reward yourself! Order any of our homestyle entrées to-go with convenient curbside pickup, carryout or delivery, or find a Cracker Barrel near you and come on to celebrate with us. Don’t forget to use our new Mobile Pay so you can pay for your check right at your table – you can eat and get back to your day in no time.

However you decide to celebrate National Fried Chicken Day, we hope you’ve found these to be egg-cellent suggestions. Or at least we beaked your interest to try some delicious fried chicken dishes. Order today for easy pickup or delivery, and enjoy!

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