13 Frighteningly Fun Halloween Décor Ideas at Cracker Barrel

Before you know it, the weather will start cooling down, the leaves will start changing, and Halloween will be here! Whether your preference is more “fright” or “fun,” our Halloween collection is sure to raise your spirits and get you in the mood. Here are some of our favorite Halloween-themed ideas to make you scream.

Scooby Doo Greeter Plush

Halloween Decor Scooby Doo Greeter

Everybody’s favorite ghost-busting canine is dressed up and ready to greet your guests. Kids and adults will love this 24” tall plush canine; best of all, no Scooby snacks are needed.

Animated Mausoleum

Animated Masoluem Cracker Barrel

Surprise your guests with this creepy and surprisingly silly motion-activated Haunted Mausoleum. The skeleton pops out with hilarious bathroom jokes and sounds. Who knew skeletons could be so funny?

Light Up Smoky Globe

Smoky Green Glitter Globe

Cast a spell of awe and mystery with this unique and eerie Halloween globe. Smoke swirls inside a green crystal ball while the spider on top patiently keeps watch.

Lighted Big Jack-O’-Lantern with Sound

Jack O' Lantern Decor

Light up your home with our Big Jack O’ Lantern, featuring a warm glow and spooky sounds. Perfect for welcoming trick-or-treaters and creating a classic Halloween vibe.

Haunted Call Bell

Haunted Call Bell Cracker Barrel

You can check-in, but you might not check out! This haunted call bell features a decaying skeleton hand that rings itself with lights and sound. A Cracker Barrel exclusive.

Skeleton Carriage Glitter Globe

Skeleton Carriage Glitter Globe

And they lived happily ever after in the underworld! This exclusive glitter globe features an ornate carriage with a skeleton bride and groom in a swirl of glitter motion and glow.

Selected Works of Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe Book

The perfect Halloween coffee table book. Edgar Allen Poe’s stories were famous for exploring the darker side of life with lessons and insights into human behavior. This handsome World Cloud Edition contains many of Poe’s best-known works and dozens of other short stories and poems.

Also, check out our “Weird Ghosts” book for true tales of hair-raising hauntings across America.

Raven Tree Topper

Raven Tree Topper Cracker Barrel

This sound sensor-activated raven keeps watch with its red, flashing LED eyes and can be perched on mantels, railings, or even free standing to create a spine-tingling Halloween mood.

Light & Sound Spooky Castle

Light & Sound Spooky Castle Halloween Decor

This haunted canvas may look like an ordinary picture but will trick your guests when it suddenly comes to life with spooky sounds and lighting effects. It’s motion activated but also features a lights-only option with an easy on/off switch for easy access on the side.

Candy Corn Lotion & Soap Caddy

Candy Corn Lotion Caddy

Perfect for Halloween or your Fall décor, this exclusive Candy Corn soap, and lotion caddy features candy corn scented lotion and soap. It can be reused for many years to come.

Rompers, Costumes & Dresses

Cracker Barrel Halloween Costumes

From pumpkins to ghosts to snow princesses, we’ve got a variety of Halloween costumes, leggings, rompers, and tutus exclusive to Cracker Barrel that will surprise and delight. Browse our collection to find the perfect Halloween apparel for your little ones.

Treats n’ More Treats

Cracker Barrel Halloween Candy

It’s not Halloween without all the candy and sweets, and we’ve got you covered! Give out something fun and totally unique for the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood. Shop our Candy Shop for nostalgic favorites like Charleston Chews or Bit O’ Honey or drop some candy thin sticks into their bag.

Focus on getting the kids ready for their big night of Trick or Treating and let us worry about Halloween dinner. Order a Family Meal Basket like our Sunday Homestyle Chicken or Scratch Made Meatloaf with two country sides, like our NEW Broccoli n’ Cheese Casserole, and get it delivered right to your door. No tricks, just a hot meal made with care the family will enjoy.

Also, be sure to check out all our new menu offerings for the Fall and sign-up for our emails, so you never miss a thing this holiday season.

Happy Halloween!

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