6 Kids Events That Are Great for Catering

Between practices, playdates, after-school activities, and more, let’s face it, as a parent, you have a lot on your plate. And when it comes to taking care of the kiddos, you’re always looking for ways to make their lives better (and yours easier).

Maybe you were going to throw a few sandwiches and juice boxes in the cooler and call it a day. But guess what? There are some better options!

Whether you’re hosting a get-together at your home or a nearby venue, you can make it a memorable experience for everyone just by having the right food, drinks, and snacks. It’s super easy, and we want to help.

Here are some perfect opportunities where a little help from Cracker Barrel Catering can turn your kid’s events into the “bestest” time ever!

Birthday Parties

Every kid wants to have the most amazing b-day, and there’s always that struggle of figuring out how to top the previous year or make it different. Hosting a birthday party at home requires a lot of prep and planning, so why not make it easy on yourself and let us handle the food? Kids can’t resist digging into a plate of savory fried (or grilled) chicken tenders with delicious sides like savory Hashbrown Casserole Tots and creamy Mac n’ Cheese.

Macaroni n' Cheese Catering Side Dish

Our buffet-style meals come hot and ready with everything you need to just set it and forget it. Minimal set-up and easy clean-up. A self-serve option that’s a real crowd-pleaser. Kids will love it (and you will too).

Remember, kids at birthday parties get hungry quickly and often, so it’s always a good idea to make sure you’ve got plenty of grab n’ go snacks and sides they can munch on. Pick up some disposable containers and plastic silverware and give each kid a cup with their name on it. Then they can scoop up their favorite snacks into their cup for their own personal trail mix. (Plus, this keeps everybody’s hands out of the snack bowls).

Our online Country Store has all the kid-friendly snacks you’ll need, like, Chips, Pretzels, Popcorn, and more.

Here’s another idea. Why not skip the traditional birthday cake and celebrate with a little something different for dessert, like our signature Peach Cobbler? Make sure you add a scoop of rich vanilla ice cream on top. If cobbler isn’t their thing, maybe they’ll like some of our Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola® Cake instead? Throw in some Biscuit Beignets or ten soft, Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies for the non-cake eaters, light the candles and let the singing begin.

No matter where you’re celebrating, you can order online and schedule your pickup, or we can deliver it right to your event. Amazing Birthday party – check!

Kid’s Sleepover

Take the pajama party up a notch with some comfort food for your houseguest (or guests) as they settle in for a fun night. Order a Family Meal Basket for a quick and delicious dinner idea or have breakfast ready for them in the morning with some rich buttermilk pancakes or scrumptious breakfast casserole. (Then they can go home and tell their parents how well you fed and cared for them).

After School Events

When it comes to your kids’ extracurricular activities, you can book yourself up for every night of the week. If feeding the entire group, the last thing you want to worry about is what to serve or having to plan too far in advance. Your time is valuable, so try some Cracker Barrel catering instead.

Our complete meal options feed up to 10 and come hot and ready to share with your choice of 2 or 3 sides and bread. Everything from Southern Fried Chicken to Sweet n’ Smoky Glazed Chicken Tenders with Maple Bacon to Meatloaf.

If you’re pressed for time for dinner from all the running around, order a Family Meal Basket to-go for pickup or delivery and have dinner hot and ready for the family to enjoy. Plus, you’ll have some delicious leftovers for the next day. Super parent- yes, you are!

Sporting Events & Team Parties

And the winner is….

You for bringing delicious food to the big game! Ditch the juice boxes and Lunchables and reward the team for their hard work with a homestyle meal. Our Grab n’ Go Meat Biscuits are super kid friendly and make the perfect game plan for a Friday night post-game celebration or Saturday morning scrimmage. Throw in some Barrel Bites like our White Cheddar Cheese Bites or Country Fried Pickles for extra snacks that are sure to be a home run.

Hashbrown Casserole Tots Catering Side

Church Gatherings

Sunday schools, Outreaches, Bible Studies, Picnics, and more, make Sunday a day of rest, not a day of having to cook and prepare food. Keep the kids content with a good breakfast or brunch like our famous Buttermilk Pancakes and Pure Natural Syrup, complete with some country sides like Fresh Seasonal Fruit, perfect for snacking and learning.

Fresh Fruit Catering Side Dish

Seasonal Events

We all know how crazy and hectic the holidays can get. If you’re hosting a holiday party or potluck, it can get even crazier with having to plan and get your home ready for company. Turn to some holiday catering for a quick and easy option to keep the kids (and the adults) entertained and happy. Use our a la carte menu to create your holiday menu.

Order your favorite homestyle sides that are perfect for sharing and top it all off with a yummy dessert like our award-winning Cinnamon Roll Pie or Cobbler.

Give the kids something to celebrate by taking the focus off the boring adults. Create a breakfast party with their own Pancake Bar using our Momma’s Pancake Breakfast Bundle. Kids can show off their creativity by decorating pancakes (or French Toast) with all sorts of fun toppings. Reward the winner with some extra Hashbrown Casserole or some Candy Sticks.

Momma's Pancake Breakfast Catering

Have Plenty of Drinks & Ice

Busy kids are thirsty kids, so be sure you’ve stocked up on refreshing beverages and ice. A half-gallon of cool freshly brewed Sweet or Peach Tea or Lemonade is sure to hit the spot. (And make sure you’re nice and caffeinated too, ready to handle all the kids.

Don’t Forget the Desserts

No matter what event you’re planning, it’s never complete without something sweet. Kids will love some Biscuit Beignets with Butter Pecan Sauce for dipping, gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies, or even a slice of Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake.

Biscuit Beignets Barrel Bites Catering

Want more ideas? Browse our full catering menu to get inspired (and look for the “great for kids” tag on our menu items). If you need additional help, have questions, or have a larger gathering, connect with one of our catering specialists. They’ll help you plan everything from picking out the menu to setting up pick or delivery to ensure your next kid event is easy, yummy, and stress-free.

Spend your time capturing memories with your kids, not worrying about food. Cracker Barrel Catering is here for you.

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