10 Road Trip Snacks and Essentials for Summer Fun

It’s summer, and you know what that means? Vacation! The chance to hit the open road, see the sites, have a little family bonding, and get some much-needed R&R. You deserve it!

Cracker Barrel since the very beginning has always been a place for travelers. To experience a little slice of Southern charm with homestyle cooking and connect with others. A home away from home.

Thankfully, none of that has changed. We’re still your ultimate pitstop with everything you need to make the journey memorable. So, get your Griswold on, gas up the Family Truckster, and check out these 10 road trip snacks and essentials to make your vacay even more fun.

Travel Games

Turn the trip into a tournament of wits and strategy with a travel checker game or see who can be first to solve the infamous Cracker Barrel Peg Game. Journey back to the 1980s with a Tini Galaga arcade game or puzzle.


Encourage some car naps by letting the kids cuddle up with a soft Squishmallow or stock up on some fidget relievers like Pop Its or giant Stress Balls. (Remember, it’s about keeping them busy, so Mom and Dad don’t want to turn around and make it a staycation!)

Candy & Sweets

Two words…Thin Sticks. Better than a lollipop and available in all kinds of yummy, unique flavors. They’re perfect for road trips and keeping the kids satisfied with a little something sweet. Or you can find your favorite nostalgic candy and use it to share a great memory from your past. From Smarties to Bit O’ Honey to Charleston Chews, we’ve got a whole assortment of retro candies for the road.

Chips & Dip

Prefer salty over sweet? Grab a bag or a tin of Charles Chips or Old Fashioned Kettle Corn and enjoy! Or get a Barrel of Crackers paired with a flavorful dip for a salty and savory snack. (Sharing is optional)

Mixes, Jams & other Pantry Items

Raid our pantry with all the essentials you need to make relaxing at your destination even easier. Pick up some pancake mix for a quick and easy breakfast option, Apple Butter or Braswell’s® Preserves to spruce up your toast or buttermilk biscuits, and don’t forget the coffee! Staying caffeinated is a must!

Personal Care

Start relaxing right away and take your senses on vacation with a refreshing new lotion or soap. Dad will love the Big Texas Beer Soap, and Mom can unwind in a eucalyptus bath soak. And don’t forget the hand sanitizer for the kids to when you’re out and about looking at all the sites.

Throw Blankets & Slippers

Why fight over the AC? Wrap yourself up in a cozy throw blanket and take a road trip snooze. After all, a little cat nap always makes the trip go faster. Or give your feet a comfy little vacation from those tight shoes with some cozy slippers.


A road trip is a great time to catch up on some reading and lose yourself in a good book. Give the kids a fun activity or coloring book or have some devotional time as a family. Let everybody have a good laugh with a joke book or do a little journaling so you can capture some new memories of your time together.


No road trip is complete without your own personal playlist. Crank up the tunes with your favorite songs from today and yesterday. Browse our music section for some great classic rock albums, Country, and inspirational. Who’s up for a bit of car karaoke?

House Warming Gifts

If you’re visiting friends or family, let them know how much you appreciate them with a charming and unique housewarming gift. Shop exclusive home décor like glitter globes, wall art, fun summer collectibles, and more. You’ll be sure to find something that conveys how much you care about them and their hospitality.

Get It To-Go

If you’re pressed for time or sticking to a tight schedule, don’t give in to the drive-thru! Instead, order ahead right from our mobile app and get a meal to-go, made with care the whole family will enjoy. Surprise your hosts with a Family Meal Basket so you can all enjoy a hot meal together once you arrive. Or say thanks to them with a Cracker Barrel gift card so they can remember you (and invite you back!)

Stop In & See Us

No matter where your travels take you, we hope Cracker Barrel can be one of your destinations this summer. It’s the perfect time to connect with others, meet some friendly faces and enjoy a little bit of Southern hospitality. Find a Cracker Barrel today and come on in and see us. And when you’re done with your meal, make sure to use our new Mobile Pay and pay for your bill right at your table, so you can get back on the road even quicker.

Safe travels, and we hope to see you soon!

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One thought on “10 Road Trip Snacks and Essentials for Summer Fun

  1. My favorite Cracker Barrel in the one in Madison GA. My favorite server is Tammy. She always makes me feel good and knows my favorite meals and sides.
    I recently was in Alpharetta GA and searched out a Cracker Barrel there for lunch. I got my favored loaded sweet potato, brocoli and fried apples. I was disappointed that the brownsugar part in the sweet potato was ice cold. The nice waitress let me send it back for a trip thru a microwave. Meanwhile I discovered that the broccoli was refrigerator cold. The Apples were fine. My sister thought that her large salad was excellent.
    I hope that next time CB is up to the Madison standards.

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