14 Reasons Why We Flip For Pancakes

Celebrate National Pancake Day at Cracker Barrel

Sometimes all we need to make our day a little better is some good eatin’. And when it comes to pancakes, few things in life can cause such bliss than diving into a stack of freshly prepared, hot buttermilk pancakes dripping with sweet maple syrup.

We’ve been making pancakes that people love for over 50 years, and like every good recipe, there’s a secret ingredient. And we can tell you ours — it’s care! We put care into every single sweet and savory bite.

Did you know the first “pancakes” date all the way back to 600 BC in Ancient Greece? The 1870s introduced the flapjack to America and by 1880, maple syrup became the topping of choice.

Today we have all sorts of pancake varieties to choose from. The super sweet to the extra savory, and the flavors just keep on coming. But you batter believe, we’re not complaining…in fact, we want more! After all, you know what the best pancake topping is? More pancakes! 😊

In honor of National Pancake Day, let’s take a moment and pay homage to this breakfast wonder and explore the many reasons why we flip for pancakes. See if you agree with us…

They’re Stackable

What other food can you think of where you can pile on one after another and keep it going? It’s like having your own amazing edible version of Jenga.

They’re Stuffable

Stuffed Cheesecake Pancakes

How do you make pancakes even better? Fill them with some extra goodness! Our Stuffed Cheesecake Pancakes are the perfect example. Rich buttermilk pancakes packed with creamy cheesecake filling and topped with powdered sugar and strawberries. (Yes, they are that good).

They’re Foldable (and Portable)

Pancake Tacos

If only there was a way you could pick up those golden brown pancakes off your plate and go without getting all sticky. Guess what, there is, thanks to our NEW Pancake Tacos!* We take two of our signature grilled buttermilk pancakes, fold them, fill them with Thick-Sliced Bacon and an over-hard fried egg, and topped with shredded Colby Cheese, served with a side of 100% Pure Natural Syrup for dipping. Portable, perfect pancakes just for you (sharing is optional).

They’re So Fluffy

So, how do you experience the perfect pancake? The secret is to cook it just right so it’s lightly crunchy on the edges, but soft and ever so fluffy on the inside. You can’t hug ‘em, but you just might want to.

They’re Craveable (More, Please)

Short Stack? No way. Go for the gusto. We won’t judge. (In fact, we encourage it).

They Play Nicely with Others

Momma's Pancake Breakast

When pancakes, eggs, and bacon all come out to play, something fun happens. It’s a delicious friendship of savory and sweet (plus you get your proteins in there too). There’s a reason why our Momma’s Pancake Breakfast is our number one most ordered meal on the menu. It really is the best of everything!

They Like to Be Messy

There’s a science to prepping the perfect pancake. You add just the right amount of butter, then add the correct ratio of syrup to pancake to get just enough of the coverage you want. Then you get to take your fork and drag that deliciousness across the plate to get all that extra syrupy goodness. Go ahead, be messy. Enjoy the moment.

They’re Super Easy to Make

Cracker Barrel Pancake Mix

Heat up the skillet, and let’s try some of your mad flippin’ skills. It’s one more reason to love pancakes—they’re just so darn easy to make! Just grab some Cracker Barrel Pancake Mix, add a little water and flip, flip hooray! Pancakes for everybody! You can even get creative with funny shapes (unless you think round is funny).

They Can Be Works of Art

It’s fun to change things up a bit, so why not with pancakes? Add some chocolate chips, a dash of color with some confetti cereal, fruit, nuts – the sky’s the limit. When it comes to experimenting with pancakes, there’s a little something for everyone and a chance to think and eat outside the box.

They’re Stress Relievers

Cracker Barrel Buttermilk Pancakes

Wellness Tip of the day: Comfort food is good for the soul! Think about it, when was the last time you ate pancakes and were unhappy? So, if you’re feeling stressed, order a stack made with care and let’s turn that frown upside down.

They Can Be Good For You

Big test day at school? Try adding some flaxseed or dry oats. Maybe even a banana in the batter for a boost of omega 3 for some extra energy and brainpower. Google and you’ll find a ton of creative ways to give your pancakes an extra dose of good for you-ness. Start with some Cracker Barrel Pancake Mix and get creative. Cook until golden brown and top if off with Strawberries or Blueberries for a burst of antioxidants. Add some Pure Natural Pancake Syrup or Sugar-Free Syrup and serve. See, you’re so smart!

They’re Great with Kids

Confetti Pancakes Kids Meals

Even the pickiest of eaters can’t resist a perfectly flipped flapjack. Add a Country Side like some Hashbrown Casserole or their favorite veggie or crispy bacon, and you’ve got a winning breakfast any kid will devour.

They’re Great for a Crowd

Breakfast Catering Pancakes

Nothing satisfies a hangry mob like some hot, buttery, rich pancakes. Whether it’s appeasing your kids, co-workers or treating your guests to some breakfast or brunch instead, pancakes are always a winner.

They’re Perfect Anytime of the Day

Cracker Barrel Breakfast All Day

Whether you’re a morning person or a late-nighter, pancakes are just right anytime. That’s why we serve breakfast all-day at Cracker Barrel. We even make our famous pancakes available for delivery right to your door whenever the craving strikes. Just order and enjoy!

We think there’s a lot to love about pancakes and hopefully, you do too. In honor of National Panacke Day treat yourself to your favorite pancakes for easy takeout or delivery from Cracker Barrel.com, or find a location for pancakes near you to enjoy a stack made with care and fall in love all over again with the perfect pancake.

What are the reasons you love pancakes? Tell us in the comments!

*available in select locations.

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