Savory Snack Board

Let’s take a quick quiz… Would you rather have a big scoop of mashed potatoes with sawmill gravy or vanilla ice cream?A biscuit or some french toast? Chicken pot pie or buttermilk pie? All you savory folks out here, get ready, this one is especially for you! Our savory snack board is an ideal way […]

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Double the Strawberries Buttermilk Pie

Springtime doesn’t mean just blossoming flowers and warmer temperatures. It also means breaking out the BBQ, enjoying the great outdoors with a picnic or a game of softball. It’s a time to (hopefully) reconnect with friends and family and celebrate new beginnings with good food and a little something sweet.  And nothing screams Southern sweetness […]

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Raspberry Angel Biscuits

9 times out of 10, when I tell someone I work for Cracker Barrel, folks make sure to tell me how much they love our biscuits. Of course I enjoy these types of conversations, but they always make me hungry! Thankfully, I keep a box of our Cracker Barrel Biscuit and Dumpling Mix at home […]

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